My name is Anurag and I gladly want to tell you what Jesus has done in my life.My father died when I was a young child and because of that my mother had to raise two children on her own. At a moment of time we had the opportunity to emigrate to The Netherlands in Europe, and my mother decided to go there because of financial securities and a better future for her children. So at a young age I left India to live a new life in a country which is complete different from the one I came from. When I grew up it felt like I was living in two worlds. At one side I had my Indian background, being raised up at home as a Hindu and the influence of my family. At the other side there was the Dutch society where I was living in, going to school and having friends with a different background than mine. I had the feeling that I did not fit in both worlds. Because of this and also the fact that I was raised up without a father I was trying to look for my identity as a teenager. This was difficult for me because there was no role model in my life who could really help me. Because of this I became insecure, didnt have much self-confidence and had a strong feeling of inferiority. I began to look up at people of w talents, looks, strong self-confidence, popularity and the strong character they had. I was wearing masks just to cover up my weaknesses. I had a strong desire to be accepted by others and because of that I pretended to be someone else. As a result of this I went out with so called friends to clubs and bars and drinking alcohol just to fill the emptiness in my life. In the beginning it seemed to be fun and I enjoyed the new company I had, but later I found out that there still was the emptiness inside of me and the feelings of insecurity were still there in my life. I was trying to find answers in my life on certain questions. Questions like why I could not change, why I couldnt be stronger, how could I get happiness in my life, isnt there more in this life, does God exist and if God exists which way is the right way to find Him? I talked with different people about the existence of God and about faith, but none of them really had the answers or could show me the way to find Him. At a certain moment of time my sister came up to my room and testified to me. She told me that her life was changed and that she had a relationship with Jesus Christ. She could really experience God in her life and she told me that she had the certainty that when she would die she would be with Jesus Christ in heaven. Those words really touched me and I noticed that it wasnt only the words she spoke that became different in her life but also her actions and the way she looked at certain things in life. I became curious and decided to go to the church she was attending. I was deeply impressed by the church service that day. What I saw was young people praising God and testifying to me about how their lives were changed by God. After attending several church services I got convinced about my sins and that I needed forgiveness of my sins. At the end of a service I responded to an altar call and made a decision to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. At that moment I was really touched by God and that was the first moment in my life that I experienced Him. From that moment on God changed me step by step. And I noticed that when I grew in faith after I converted of my sins, the feelings of inferiority went away, I became more secure of the things I did and that I could be myself. The strong desire to be accepted by everyone is no more there in my life because I know that I am accepted by God. God has set me free from immoral sins. I can say that it is great to have a relationship with the living God and to experience His blessings in my life. Jesus Christ is the only way, the truth and the life.